What better way to honor Hispanic heritage than with a photo of a bloodthirsty mass murdering thug? And by “honor,” we mean “spit on.”

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with an internal email that included an image of a Che Guevara billboard. Really:

Photo via NRO:

Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart blasted the Obama administration.

It is outrageous that as we begin the month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Environmental Protection Agency would send a staff wide e-mail that included a picture of Che Guevara. Che was a cold-blooded murderer who killed so many innocent victims. This Administration has granted visas to Mariela Castro and other top Cuban regime officials, offered the Castro brothers unilateral concessions, and now sends an email with a image of an anti-American mass murderer. This is not only offensive to victims and their families, but also to anyone who believes in freedom. This email does not celebrate Hispanic heritage, but rather insults everything that the Hispanic community stands for.

BuzzFeed reports that the EPA email also plagiarized content from the “Hispanic Culture Facts” page of website Buzzle.com.

The plagiarized text includes paragraphs like this just a few sentences after the photo of leftist hero and sadistic butcher Che Guevara.

Hispanic people are vibrant, socializing and fun loving people. Among various facts associated to this culture is that they have a deep sense of involvement in their family traditions and cultures.

Fun family traditions like slaughtering innocents?

An EPA spokesperson told BuzzFeed the internal agency email was “drafted and sent by an individual employee, and without official clearance.”

Emails like that always are, huh?


Flashback to 2008: A “Cuban flag with the image of Ernesto Che Guevara superimposed on it” was used to decorate candidate Obama’s Houston campaign headquarters.