Oopsies! We don’t call her Elizabeth “Running Joke” Warren for nothing.

Over the weekend, radio host Howie Carr uploaded the video of Sacaja-whiner unwittingly autographing a copy of “Pow Wow Chow.” The recipe book was Warren’s first recorded attempt to speak with forked tongue about her Cherokee roots and became the subject of merciless (and well-deserved) mockery.

Earlier this year, the Warren campaign cited the recipes she contributed as proof of her authentic Native American heritage — you know, the recipes she plagiarized from famous Cherokee recipe compilations like the New York Times.

Quick, somebody call the waaaahhhmbulance for Fauxcahontas lovin’ progs.

As Breitbart.com notes, this is yet “another sign her campaign is not paying attention to details.” Yep. But we’re a little more disturbed that she felt the need to stick someone else’s pen cap in her mouth while signing the book. A Jammie Wearing Fool commenter suggests doing a DNA swab on the cap to verify her Cherokee heritage.


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