Wait … what? “NCIS” actress and Obama supporter Pauley Perrette has no respect for nouveau riche celebs who are against tax cuts for the wealthy? That doesn’t sound very progressive.


A little clarification seems to be in order.

Hey, Pauley, if you believe government is the answer to all the world’s woes, you can write a check to the U.S. Treasury any time, doll. But if teachers and first responders are your top priority, you might want to make that check out to your local government.

You can even donate to this newfangled thing called “charity.”

Never mind all that. Pauley knows what the GOP really wants:

Or, you know, maybe the “Greedy Ol Party” wants everyone, job creators and employees alike, to prosper by keeping more of their hard-earned money.

Question for Pauley: When the bloated, inefficient government takes more from charitable givers, you know who gets less? Think about it.