Can’t have President Empty Chair Eastwooding his way through a speech at “Panthers Stadium,” a venue that seats 73,000.

Just yesterday campaign manager Jim Messina said the president’s Democratic National Convention speech would take place at Bank of America Stadium “rain or shine.”

But now Team Obama is citing “weather” as the reason for moving his speech to Time Warner Cable Arena, a venue that seats just 20,000.

If by “severe weather” you mean “severe embarrassment.”

Charlotte meteorologist Brad Panovich appears baffled by the weather excuse.

But the Washington Examiner’s Byron York thinks weather fears might be legit.

Others? Not so much.

Can the president really deliver a speech at Time Warner Cable Arena? Like Bank of America Stadium, it sounds so … corporate.

But wait … maybe Fauxcahontas can save the day by clearing up that pesky “weather” problem?

Dance, Lie-awatha! Dance!


The latest forecast from Brad Panovich cites flooding as the primary threat.

Odd. We thought the Obamessiah promised to slow the rising waters.