Panther Stadium? Really, Chuck Todd?

Looks like Todd’s lapdog media paws are wrapped firmly around the Democratic Party’s leg as he reports on the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The marching orders came down in July when Donna Brazile decided to rebrand Bank of America Stadium as “Panthers Stadium.”

Well, the Dems can’t have President Obama delivering his speech at Bank of America Stadium, what with the raging infestation of corporate bankster cooties. And evidently, NBC’s Chuck Todd is happy to roll over submissively for the Dems.

Of course, Todd didn’t take kindly to tweets telling him his bias was showing.

Calm down, partisan conspiracy-mongers!

And evidently in Dem-speak, “Panther” isn’t inaccurate or biased; it’s “shorthand.”

Shorthand for what, you ask? “BofA.”

How ’bout the part where “Panther” has more letters than “BofA.”

Hey, media lapdoggies, in case you didn’t notice:

Starting now:

PolitiFact rating for “Panther Stadium”? “Down with corporate greed! Obama 2012!!!11!!”