So, Chris Matthews is all atingle for Barack Obama, and author Anne Rice has the tingles for … MSNBC’s Chris Matthews? It’s a full-on tingle-fest!

Eww. Sorry for that.

Maybe Rice can pen another vampire novel starring the heroic Chrissy McTingles. We often feel like we’ve been drained of blood after listening to his blathering, unoriginal lapdoggery. Well, when we’re not energized by the giggle fits.

More from Rice’s Facebook fan page:

Chris Matthews of MSNBC is one of my heroes. Again and again, he says exactly the right thing and asks exactly the right questions. So this article about his confrontation with Reince Priebus about Romney’s birth certificate joke is of special interest to me.

The HuffPo article she links is titled “Chris Matthews’ Smackdown of Reince Priebus Should Be Taught in Journalism School.” Seriously.

Did she watch the same Matthews meltdown we did? Journalism schools would have to hire entire teams of janitors to mop up the spittle and froth if students sat through lessons on how to mimic “real journalist” Chris Matthews. Or is that just part of J-school these days?

We think Newt Gingrich is the one asking the “right questions” of Rice’s hero:

Why do you assume ‘food stamp’ refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have? Why are you being a racist, because you assume he’s referring to black?

All those dog whistles and racial code words Matthews and Rice hear? Funny how they and their liberal pals are the only ones who hear them, huh?


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