The Republican National Convention is getting the Olympics treatment from Twitter this week with a hub dedicated to curating tweets from delegates, Romney staff, journalists and visitors.

Twitter’s Adam Sharp announced:

While the speeches will be at the podium this week, the conversation will be on Twitter: we’ve already seen more Tweets about this week’s confab than we saw during the entire week of the 2008 Republican convention. To gather the most relevant, interesting Tweets during the convention we’ve created an event page at Here you’ll see Tweet highlights from behind the scenes and on the floor. You’ll find Tweets from Romney campaign staff, convention organizers, delegates, insiders and some of the 15,000 journalists and observers on the ground. For political junkies who can’t be in Tampa themselves, the event page offers an insiders view of the action.

Twitter curation — what a great idea!

Before the Tampa event officially got underway, it had already generated more tweets than the entire 2008 GOP convention.