In a continuation of Friday’s rant about birth certificates and “legitimate rape,” Cher joined the vile leftist civility mob in tweeting that it would be a ride on the karma train if Rep. Todd Akin got “raped by man with HIV/AIDS.”

OK, technically it was about “Aiken” boarding the “kama train.”

But we’re pretty sure she was shooting for “Todd Akin” and “karma.” Sadly, we’re getting pretty good at deciphering Cher’s mind-numbingly incoherent rants. Oh, the shame!

We’ll forgive Cher the spelling of Todd Akin’s name since it was a retweet — we’re givers like that. But suggesting that the narcissistic, idiotic Akin would get his just deserts if he was raped and infected with HIV is beyond despicable, even by Cher’s gutter-inspired standards.

Not in Cher’s unhinged mind. When Akin lifted his skirt and showed a little too much stupidity, he was legitimately asking for it.


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