Early Wednesday morning, Twitter user Scott R. Faughn urged followers to harass U.S. senate candidate Todd Akin by calling or texting his personal cellphone number.

The tweet wasn’t just despicable — tweeting “people’s private and confidential information” is a clear violation of the Twitter rules.

Faughn didn’t seem to care.

His tweet was retweeted a handful of times, most notably by Jason Crowell, a Republican state senator in Missouri. Screen shot courtesy of @pbolyard:

Faughn and Crowell’s tweets have been deleted, but they have not apologized and their accounts have not been suspended.

During the Olympic games in July, journalist Guy Adams was suspended from Twitter for tweeting the corporate email address of NBC executive Gary Zenkel after NBC filed a complaint. That address was widely available on the Internet.

And yet, Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr tweeted out George Zimmermans’s personal information and did not have their accounts suspended.

Will State Sen. Jason Crowell be allowed to continue flouting the rules?

Hat tip: @pbolyard