The desperation is strong with this one.

This is how unhinged progressives have become over Mitt Romney: they’re not even trying to come up with smear campaigns that pass for remotely plausible. And leaning forward at the head of the unhinged pack is Lawrence O’Donnell. The drooling lapdog used his MSNBC program this week to resurrect the Obama campaign’s “Romney is a felon” smear.

Out: “Harry Reid’s credible sources”. In: Lawrence O’Donnell’s strong suspicions.

Here’s what O’Donnell said on “The Last Word” Thursday night:

I think it’s fair to not completely assume, but very strongly suspect that he is susceptible to a federal felony charge on not having reported his foreign accounts and then he sought and obtained an amnesty which these returns would show.

We very strongly suspect that Lawrence O’Donnell is a reprehensible lapdog.

Does anyone else strongly suspect that Lawrence O’Donnell was intimately familiar with the events leading up to serious accusations against Harry Reid? What did O’Donnell know about the Harry Reid pederasty scandal and when did he know it? We strongly suspect his conspicuous silence means he is susceptible to a federal felony charge.

Surely our suspicions merit further investigation by the media, don’t they?