When President Obama made a campaign stop at the Iowa State Fair Monday, the popular Bud Tent was shut down by the Secret Service.

Owner Mike Cunningham II estimates he lost out on $25,000 in sales while Obama attempted to charm fair-goers with his Man of the Beer-Drinking People act. The Republican business owner told The Des Moines Register, “I was in a position to make a campaign donation against my will.”

Not if Chuck Grassley has anything to say about it. The Iowa senator blasted the president Thursday morning, telling him it’s time to “pay up O.”

That wasn’t the first time Grassley called out the president for damaging the Bud Tent owner’s livelihood. His first tweet was Monday and he’s slammed the president with his trademark shorthand each day since.

War on Bud Tent owners? Not on Sen. Grassley’s watch.