Thank goodness we have the Huffington Post to cover the issues of import in our lives.

Evidently there just wasn’t enough mockery of Paul Ryan’s emotional trip to his home state of Wisconsin Sunday, so the eminently objective “news” organization tried to stir some up with a caption contest.  Because really, what could be funnier than a man tearing up on his first visit home after being selected for a presidential ticket? Hardy har har.

Hey, Arianna Huffington’s lapdog media hacks don’t just break the news; they make the news. Or more accurately, they make it up. They liked these two tweets so much, they featured each one twice in their “Paul Ryan cries” slideshow.

Anyone slapping their knees? Anyone?

A handful of conservative tweets were included in the slideshow of 24 tweets and counting. Shockah: They were not featured twice.

Hat tip: @robertcurlin