Gloria Steinem didn’t build Jenna Jameson’s business — she made that happen. And without the dubious “help” of a gaggle of Julias promising her cradle-to-grave entitlements from Big Daddy Government.

Unlike many women in the entertainment industry, the porn actress-turned-entrepreneur won’t be femme-a-gogued into hailing the feminist Left as her personal savior. But Jameson didn’t just give “women’s organizations” the sneer-quotes they deserve. She also called out the Left’s manufactured War on Women nonsense.

After endorsing Mitt Romney, Jameson saw for herself what the Left really thinks of women. Where were the “women’s organizations” when oh-so-tolerant progressives were hurling degrading insults at Jameson and telling her to kill herself?

Perhaps they were gazing adoringly (and obediently) at President Obama, because all we heard were crickets.


Jameson responds to the hate she’s been getting from leftists who believe women are just walking wombs dreaming of the day government will provide for their every need:

Insulting, indeed.


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