D.C. food truck operators didn’t build today’s subpar sales — the Democratic National Committee made that happen.

DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse spent part of the morning gleefully tweeting photos of a DNC bus parked in spaces where food trucks usually set up shop in Washington, D.C.

Woodhouse seems awfully proud of that bus.

Forget “either” and “or.” Embrace “and.”

Looks like RNC communications director Sean Spicer hit a sore spot:

Uh huh.

RNC press secretary Kirsten Kukowski also noted the latest evidence of the Democrats’ disregard for small businesses like the Tasty Kabob food truck.

So naturally, Woodhouse responded by implying she doesn’t get enough exercise.

Typical Demisogyny from another self-appointed arbiter of what’s good for women.


We won’t hold our breath for that apology.

Oh, we can see them. And the Internet is forever.