Heckuva job, Tennessee Dems!


We’re guessing the GOP won’t have any trouble hanging onto the seat currently held by junior Sen. Bob Corker. Meet Mark Clayton, the Tennessee Democrats’ candidate for U.S. Senate.

FEMA camps and secret superhighways and Hitler, oh my!

The Dems sure now how to pick ’em.

The Tennessee Democratic Party released a statement condemning Clayton … after he won the election.

Totally not their fault! They had Important Things™ to do.

Libs were quick to blame just about anyone other than the Democratic Party.

Must be all those “low-information voters.”


Neo-con plant!!!111!!

True, it’s not like the Democrats ever nominate hilariously embarrassing candidates. Cough Alvin Greene cough.

And now that the cat is out of the bag, Clayton “doesn’t count” as a Dem.


Exit question: