The good news is the U.S. added 163,000 jobs in July. But as Ed Morrissey points out, there’s “more bad news than good” in today’s jobs report. Unemployment rose to 8.3 percent, the broader U-6 unemployment measure rose to 15 percent and number of working Americans dropped by 195,000.

Nancy Pelosi is thrilled, but also blames Republicans, natch. We’re moving “forward,” but just in case you think we’re not, Pelosi want you to know that Obama didn’t build that.

Hey, Dems said they were rooting for America to plunge off the fiscal cliff. Rising unemployment? 195,000 more Americans not working? Hush now. We’re doin’ fine.

Or not.


But keep it up, former Speaker Pelosi!

Hope you can see November from the House.