After boldly speaking out about his views on the economy and entrepreneurship, liberal comedian Jon Lovitz was pilloried by progressive tolerance bullies who told him to “STFU.” Meanwhile, conservatives cheered him for his candor.

Now the “Saturday Night Live” alum is doing a little political soul-searching and thinks he might just be a libertarian. Could it be he’s ready to move over to the right side of the aisle?

The Left’s continued insistence that Lovitz march in lockstep with Hollywood progressives appears to be pushing him in that direction. Last night Lovitz tweeted about his annoyance with the Huffington Post’s derisive, misleading coverage of his guest hosting stint on “The Dennis Miller Show.”

Humorless liberals? Say it ain’t so, Jon!

Yeah, it’s tough out there for a comic under our dog-eating, mom jeans-wearing, teleprompter-dependent president who wants all Austrian-speaking asthmatics to have Breathalyzers. Luckily Lovitz seems tuned in to the comic fodder.

We’re here when you’re ready, Jon.