Another day, another glaringly obvious reason for CNN’s dismal ratings.

Yesterday Twitchy reported that the lapdog media network played the Pink song “Stupid Girls” as bumper music for a segment on Sarah Palin’s recent visit to Chick-fil-A. Today the network confirmed that it believes viewers are “stupid girls” too.

“The music selection was a poor choice and was not intended to be linked to any news story,” a CNN spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. “We regret any perception that they were planned together.”

A terrible coincidence! Truly regrettable choice! Is there anything CNN won’t try to spin?

The only thing the floundering network regrets is that it got caught out there. Just like when Obama fan boy Jimmy Fallon played “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as Michele Bachmann’s bumper music. This would have been a more accurate apology:

Conservatives aren’t buying that the sexist slam was unintentional.

Hey, CNN. Not one likes a lying, sexist Democrat shill. No, really, almost nobody does.

Oh, wait. CNN still has a few progressive viewers. Like conservatives, they’re disgusted … but only because CNN apologized.

It’s no wonder these are CNN’s viewers — the network bends over backwards to deliver the liberal bias and sexist attacks they crave.