Behold the oh-so-objective media in action.

This week GOP candidate Mitt Romney irked the British press and the American Left — clearly his key voting blocs — by telling NBC’s Brian Williams:

There are a few things that are disconcerting, stories about the private security firm not having enough people. The supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials. That, obviously, is not something which is encouraging.

Cue the breathless outrage!

Romney, who knows a thing or two about running the Olympics, later told reporters, “I don’t know of any Olympics that’s ever been able to run without any mistakes whatsoever, but they’re small.”

Of course, no lefty manufactured outrage is ever complete without an over-the-top Twitter hashtag and so, #RomneyShambles was born.

But this one had a little help, courtesy of a Yahoo! News article that also appeared on the ABC News website.

[E]veryone knows you haven’t really won a news cycle until Twitter has coined you a hashtag, and the microblogging service obliged Thursday afternoon with # Romneyshambles.

ABC covering a hashtag? Whoa, it must have been huge, right?

Yeah, no. Check out the last line of the article:

#Romneyshambles is not yet trending on Twitter.

Conservative domination of Twitter is so complete that the lapdog media have resorted to promoting the Left’s hashtags before they even trend. Just like the slobbering lapdogs do for conservative hashtags, huh?

Conservatives pushed back by highlighting some of President Obama’s international relations gaffes.

The #ObamaShambles hashtag isn’t trending yet, but it’s totally newsworthy, dontcha think? We’re sure Yahoo! News and the other Obama campaign lapdogs will get right on it.

Just as soon as they’re done snuggling in the president’s lap.