It’s been a while since a good Roland Martin freak-out about right-wing radio hosts and race. Last time it was a two-day Twitter meltdown when Rush Limbaugh mentioned one of the CNN contributor’s tweets. Martin lashed out at critics, telling them, “You just can’t handle the truth!” Snort.

Maybe the uncharacteristic lull was because Martin was gathering steam for today’s breathless meltdown. This time, it was inspired by radio host Neal Boortz.

Martin claims he doesn’t care what Boortz thinks of him.

Hmm. Sure had us fooled.

Come again? Who’s squirming?

Martin then barreled forward into a full-on hissy fit about Boortz’s refusal to debate him.

Boortz was amused.

But wait … there’s more. (Shocking, we know.)

Last comment? Finally!

Or not:

Exactly how many tweets does it take to shake off a hater?

As Martin wails and flails on Twitter about “Punk Neal,” it looks like Boortz is focusing on more important things:

Oh, and that debate? Not. Gonna. Happen.