Oh, the drama!

Early Tuesday morning, Cher sent a tweet to Perez Hilton wondering if they were “in a fight.” Only it wasn’t supposed to be a public tweet.

Realizing she’d botched her direct message to the gossip blogger, Cher begged her followers to stop retweeting her Twitter faux pas.


Will Cher ever understand Twitter? We’re guessing (and hoping) that’s unlikely. At this point, baffling tweets and Twitter blunders are Cher’s trademark. But this time, no one was more baffled than Hilton:

All that embarrassment for nothing? Yep:


Here there be trolls:


Here’s the fake retweet that set all this drama in motion:


Don’t listen to the troll, Cher!

Phew. We can count on Cher to continue tweeting incoherent rants about Romney’s “tea bagger masters” and “magic underwear.” Crisis averted.


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