Out: Kochtopus. In: Gun owners.

Apparently Bette Midler enjoyed Twitchy’s coverage of her Koch-spiracy nuttiness so much, she’s back for more. On the agenda today: gun control.

This isn’t the first time The Divine Miss Gun Grabber has brought up gun control in the wake of the horrific Aurora murders. Like fellow celebs John Leguizamo, Rob Schneider and Henry Winkler, Midler ghoulishly politicized the tragedy mere hours after it occurred.

Today she admits gun owners “have rights,” but laments that those pesky rights compete with the “right not to be shot and killed while sitting peacefully in a theater.” Quite the deep thinker, this one.

The Twitterverse stepped up to school Midler on her gun control logic.



What say you, Ms. Midler? Back to blaming the Koch brothers for ruining your life?

Trees, huh? Nice change of topic.


And … she’s still going, backing up her “argument” with an inventory of shooting sprees.