Hey, looks like Michael Moore is sizing up the Democrats’ next voting bloc: easily manipulated illiterates.

As always, the obnoxiously elitist filmmaker couldn’t resist looking down his nose at the very people he hopes to attract to the Left. It’s not that people with inadequate reading skills are uneducated — they’re “stupid” and can’t think for themselves. Way to go, Mike! That’s the way to get them on board!

Oh, and the text-speak is a nice touch. U did a good job reaching out 2 the illiterate ppl thru Twitter!

Apparently Moore blames the schools, media and religion for the all the illiterates ruining the country. Uh, Earth to Michael Moore:

Illiterate people can learn to read. Sadly for Michael Moore, self-awareness is harder to come by.

But never mind all that. Moore’s slobbering fans know exactly who makes up America’s functionally illiterate population:

And they’re not just “Rethuglicans” and Fox News viewers; they’re home-schoolers who shop for good deals at — gasp! — Walmart!


Many liberals despise home schooling and school choice — options that empower parents to give their children quality educations. Want to tell us again who wants Americans “stupid” and pliable?