Crack investigators on the Left have unearthed a truly game-changing piece of opposition research on Mitt Romney. You might want to sit down for this one. Ready?

Romney is rich. Very, very rich.

Did we blow your mind? Clearly Mitty Warbucks should back out of the presidential race immediately. After all, he committed the almost unspeakable sin of earning $27 million in 2010.

To spread the word about this oh-so-damning information, a new anti-Romney website helps visitors calculate how much the GOP challenger makes while the 99 percent suffer the soul-sucking drudgery of performing mundane tasks. Visitors input the time it takes to complete any activity and the site serves up a tweetable chunk of class warfare.

You’d think the sinister Romney made his loathsome millions managing sweatshops or mining blood diamonds. All while twirling his mustache with a white-gloved hand, natch.

But how he earned his money isn’t the issue. It’s that he earned it at all. To quote the class warrior in chief, “At a certain point, you’ve made enough money.”

The Left, of course, thinks this is the most clever line of attack evah!

We’d confirm that with Gore, but we’re not sure he’d let us anywhere near his sprawling estate.

Did you tweet that from your iPhone? And would you have an iPhone if  Steve Jobs had decided back in the 1980s that he’d “made enough money”?

Saturated in the politics of class warfare, progressives believe attacking wealth is a genius tactic. They’re certain that mocking and belittling Romney’s success is a surefire way to tilt the polling in President Obama’s favor.

But many voters will see this seething contempt for prosperity for what it is: disdain for the American Dream.

We found one liberal who gets it. But just one.

The rest are busy branding Mitt Romney with a scarlet R for “rich.” Well, that and admitting they aren’t getting enough fiber in their diets.

Oh, and by the way, bang-up job on the site, guys! First-rate work.