This morning Salman Rushdie joined many lefty gun-grabbers in using the Colorado movie theater shooting to revive the gun control debate. What sets him apart is that he didn’t approach this as a mere opportunity to score political points for the Left. For Rushdie, it was also a prime opportunity to show off his ability to craft a pun, tragic circumstances be damned.

Bane, of course, is the villain in “The Dark Knight Rising,” the film that was showing when the shooter opened fire.

When Rushdie was called out by another Twitter user, he played dumb, pretending his tweet wasn’t a hit-you-over-the-head-obvious reference to the film.

Revolting. If he finds deadly tragedies pun-worthy, why not own it? The word “Bane” was capitalized, a clear play on words that has no place in the hours after a horrific shooting.

Rushdie continued his rant by responding to critics, or as he calls them, “Nugents.”

Eventually Rushdie realized he couldn’t get away with pretending the pun was intended.

But no apology, of course. Much like Piers Morgan, Mayor Bloomberg and other gun control opportunists, Rushdie remains far more concerned with not letting a tragedy go to waste than with mourning the tragedy’s victims.


After Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin tweeted about Rushdie’s pun, he responded by condescendingly defining the word “bane.”

While he has his dictionary out, perhaps Rushdie should look up “inappropriate” and “despicable.” Oh, never mind. He’s too busy calling the waaaaahmbulaaaance:

Michelle responded:

And he’s still going:

Here’s the difference: we’re criticizing speech, not calling for the government to ban it on the heels of a deadly event. Yes, Mr. Rushdie, we found your pun vile. But you won’t see us advocating pun control.