Shameful gun control opportunists aren’t waiting for a complete investigation into the deadly movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo. The gun-grabbers aren’t even waiting for the blood to dry before politicizing the massacre in an effort to gut the Second Amendment.

Twitchy reported earlier that comedian D.L. Hughley tweeted a reality-challenged gun control diatribe in the wake of the shooting.

Hughley was joined by ghoulish politicians, lapdog media goons and ignorant Hollywood celebs who took their gun control sloganeering to Twitter in the hours after 12 moviegoers lost their lives. It’s not just Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party that are to blame — it’s guns, natch.

CNN host Piers Morgan loves working in America. The law of the land? Not so much.

No tears for the victims. Just revolting political opportunism.

Naturally, Soros monkey Eric Boehlert agrees with Morgan.

As does Univision’s Jorge Ramos.

And Arianna Huffington.

Nanny Bloomberg, of course, couldn’t resist smearing his hands with the blood of the Colorado shooting victims.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is right on board, as are congressional liberals.

Smarty pants celebs like John Leguizamo, Dominic Monaghan, Rob Schneider and Henry Winkler delighted in piling on.

And perhaps most despicably of all, author Salman Rushdie thought it would be hilarious to crap out a Batman pun.

The right side of the Twitterverse immediately pushed back against the Left’s unseemly cries of “there oughta be a law.”

One Twitter user sums up the most sickening aspect of today’s efforts to revive the gun control debate.

Update: Bette Midler also piles on.

Update: Russell Simmons names the NRA the “master pimp.”