When your strategy is inspired by one-woman brain trust Sen. Patty Murray and designed to hurt Grover Norquist’s feelings, you know you’re going somewhere. And that somewhere is straight off the cliff.

On Monday, Sen. Murray said Democrats plan to drive the country off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year unless they get their way. And last night, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell revealed he desperately wants to be the Louise to Murray’s Thelma. He’s had his eye on those headscarves for a while, but mostly he just wants to stick it to Grover Norquist.

There is a way for the Democrats to rewrite their legislative strategy that would ruin Grover’s life’s work and free every Republican in Congress from the dictatorial rule of Grover. The new Democratic strategy that will completely destroy Grover’s power is simply these three words: off the cliff.


O’Donnell says going off the fiscal cliff by allowing all the Bush tax cuts to expire is “the only responsible thing to do.”

Why? Because if all the tax rates go up — even on the beleaguered 99 percent — the Democrats’ tax increase bill would magically transform into a tax decrease bill. Then, according to the brilliant O’Donnell, the Republicans who signed Norquist’s anti-tax pledge would have to vote for the Democrats’ tax-increase-but-totally-not-an-increase bill.

You know, because of Norquist’s “dictatorial rule.”

And just so you know O’Donnell means business, he’s suggested buttons. And bumper stickers! And of course, a Twitter hashtag: #offthecliff.

Even though O’Donnell’s lemmings managed to get #offthecliff trending, the sheer nuttiness of the idea qualifies this as a massive hashtag fail. It’s cuckoo enough that he’s calling for Democrats to drive the country off the cliff. But some Twitter liberals are more concerned with hurling Norquist off the precipice.


Others understand they’re volunteering to drive themselves over the edge. They just happen to love every minute of it.




That’s a great hashtag you’ve got, Lawrence. It’d be a shame if someone ripped it to shreds.