In May, Occupy agitators marched on Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The goal of their protest was to “make Bank of America pay.”

Now that the Democrats are gearing up to hold their September convention at the stadium, they can’t even bring themselves to type the words “Bank of America.” You know, because corporations are totally grody, especially when they’re associated with the bankster one percent.

Yep, can’t have President Obama associated with an icky corporation when he delivers his keynote address at, ahem, Bank of America Stadium.

And it’s not just a bit of iffy proofreading in one email.

Politico reports that “Another email in June made the same pitch about the stadium.”

For the record, Bank of America Stadium has never been called “Panthers Stadium.” Bank of America purchased naming rights in 2004, replacing L.M. Ericsson Inc. as the corporate (gasp!) sponsor. Prior to that, the facility was known as Carolinas Stadium.