This afternoon, rapper T-Pain tweeted a link to a North Korean film that claims to “expose Western propaganda.” The film uses images of celebrity excess, plastic surgery, the slave trade and homelessness to paint Americans as dangerous, parasitic freaks.

Celebrity culture is portrayed as a tool of evil American propagandists and celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Tyra Banks are “collaborators” helping to control the population.

This is America through the state-approved North Korean lens — the lens of a dictatorship that executes starving people for fleeing to China to seek a better life.

And T-Pain tweeted, ” Good Job North Korea… Good Job.”

T-Pain claims to be apolitical. He was briefly celebrated by conservatives when Sean Hannity got him to repeat “conservative victory 2010” during an encounter at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. After the liberal media slammed T-Pain as a “sell-out,” the rapper told BET:

This hannity sh*t is off the f*ckin chain. Let’s think for a second, 1st off, I’m not even registered to vote, 2nd, this hannity guy was blocking the door to my bus just to get that drop from me…all you ppl that say I’m goin against Obama, if you go back thru many interviews you will see I don’t give a sh*t about politics cuz no matter who is in office YOUR life is no different.

But is he apolitical? Is he simply ignorant of the oppressive North Korean regime or trying to be facetious? Or is he another anti-American celeb who embraces the propaganda of tyrants?

Your move, T-Pain. Which is it?


After Twitter users brought Twitchy’s post to T-Pain’s attention, he responded, claiming the tweet was all in jest:

Whether T-Pain decided it was “humor” before or after reading Twitchy’s post, we’re glad he felt the need to clarify his seeming embrace of North Korean propaganda.