On a Thursday conference call, deputy Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter accused Romney of committing a “felony” by “misrepresenting his position” at Bain. Like all honest actors, Cutter was inspired by a smear manufactured by Mother Jones and Talking Points Memo. And Obama’s “Truth” Team is happy to continue parroting the lies.

Like 9/11 truthers, the Truth Team clings desperately to debunked theories and willfully disregards facts, demanding proof for that which has already been proven. Repeatedly.

Unlike truthers, Obama’s minions know they’re lying. They just don’t care.

Even after numerous debunkings, the Obama campaign was still paying Twitter to promote this tweet this morning.

Here’s a screen grab of the promoted tweet:

FACT: you’re full of it.

The Democratic Party is completely on board, of course, propping up the lie with a link to Rachel Maddow’s blog.

And the Truther Team is still shamelessly piling on, facts and evidence be damned!


Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt says the felon smear is a-OK.

So conservatives wondered just what sort of felonies are OK to ask about.


In a true sign of desperation, Barack Obama’s official account tweeted this:

And the president had the utter nerve to criticize negative campaigning today.

No, really. He said that.

But hey, Obama’s not really going negative. He’s just spreading the truth. His Truth Team told us so.

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