Remember when AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka said money is “dangerous to democracy”? Or how ’bout the time President Obama lamented that “special interests and super PACs” might steal the election from “regular Americans”?

Oddly enough, they didn’t mention that Big Labor spent $4.4 billion on politics between 2005 and 2011. That’s four times more than previously thought, according to Wall Street Journal analysis of Labor Department reports.

So how does that compare to the slithering tentacles of the Kochtopus?

Oh, but unions are all about the struggling workers, right?

Now that the news is out, will all the leftists who freak out about money in politics be forced to back off bashing super PAC money and the “democracy-killing” Citizens United decision?

Nah, they’ll just keep on keepin’ on. The incessant yammering about money in politics isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. But with each passing day, the pathetic whinging makes the Left look more and more clownish.

We’ll take it.

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