The Left’s obsession with Mitt Romney’s Swiss bank account grows more ridiculous by the hour. Offshore! Secret! Nixonian!

It’s pretty much the new “Boooooooosh!”

Forget the floundering economy, unacceptably high unemployment and anemic job growth. Pay no attention to the wildly unpopular policies behind the curtain. Out-of-touch Ri¢hie Ri¢h keeps money in Switzerland!

Listening to the Left crow, you’d think that Swiss account was responsible for all the world’s woes and hardships. So conservatives used the #RomneySwissBankAccount hashtag to suggest other havoc and destruction liberals might as well blame on Romney’s account.

The snark is strong with this one.

Damn you, #RomneySwissBankAccount!

Too soon?

How long until the Obama campaign tries to pin these failures on Romney’s offshore account?

Hey, lefties, good luck using a Swiss bank account to deflect attention from the real issues this election season. You’re gonna need it.

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