Well, that didn’t take long.

Within moments of the Supreme Court handing down its decision on SB1070, Arizona’s hotly debated immigration law, the predictable Left began sputtering and frothing about racism. Too bad lefties couldn’t get their clownish talking points straight.

The Supreme Court ruling struck down most of the law, but upheld the portion that requires law enforcement officers to check residency status when people are detained. Y’know, the part of the law lefties claimed would criminalize “breathing while brown” and turn Arizona into a blatantly racist police state.

Apparently many liberals haven’t gotten that memo yet. They took to Twitter to hail the defeat of RethugliKKKan racism and confirm that evidence of their intelligence remains undocumented.


Does that mean they’re no longer boycotting Arizona? Heh.

Others grasped that the entire law wasn’t overturned, and continued their eternally absurd cawing about racist Arizonans.





Will Arizona ever be rid of its lust for racism and oppression?