Pride is at full tilt this weekend?  Hmm. We’re talking about gay pride, right? After all, it is Gay Pride Month.

But no, the Obama campaign is actually referring to a very different kind of pride.

Show off your Obama Pride by marching with the OFA contingent in your local parade this summer. Whether it’s your first Pride festival or you’re a seasoned Pride-goer, help make sure everyone knows the LGBT community stands with President Obama—because President Obama stands with us.

Gay pride: old and busted. Obama pride: new and shiny!

Once again, our “evolved” president is disgracefully hijacking gay pride as a cynical campaign tool. And Obamaphiles are eating it up, honored to have the Panderer in Chief use their sexual orientation as a means to a political end.

At one event scheduled in Newark, the theme is “Keep Moving Forward.” Participants will gather to “talk about the successes of the Obama Administration.”

The Obama Pride is strong on Twitter as well.

The president “supports” gay equality?

Bless her heart. She misspelled “co-opted.”