It’s been a hellish roller coaster ride for our faith in humanity this week.

On Tuesday, a YouTube user uploaded shocking video of four middle school boys verbally tormenting their 68-year-old bus monitor. During ten minutes of profanity-laced abuse, grandmother of eight Karen Klein was reduced to tears. The psychopaths-in-training called her a child rapist , mocked her weight, and threatened:

If I stabbed you in the stomach, my knife would fucking go through like butter, because it’s all fucking lard.

Since then, thousands of strangers have donated $540,000 and counting to send Klein on vacation.

But there’s one more dip on this coaster. While most of us are saddened and outraged by the video, some people are more sickened by the outpouring of generosity.


Jealous, pathetic and heartless. Some Twitter users claim she doesn’t deserve the money because if she’d been a better bus monitor, she wouldn’t have been bullied.

Others, like President Obama might say, claim there comes a time when bullied bus monitors have made enough money.

Other soulless gutter dwellers couldn’t resist heaping more abuse on Klein.


If anyone needs us, we’ll be looking at adorable baby animals for a while.