This morning George Zimmerman’s legal team released several audio recordings of his interviews with investigators and a written statement provided to the Sanford Police Department.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Hours after the shooting, Sanford Police Det. Chris Serino does most of the talking during an interview with Zimmerman where he tries to get a full picture of what happened.

He says things like “You saw a suspicious person, you called the police, you followed him,” and then this exchange:

“He mounted you basically, and he started to beat upon you?” Serino asked.

“Yes sir,” Zimmerman replied.

“At what point did you draw your weapon?”

“After he hit my head against the concrete several times, uh, I yelled out for help,” Zimmerman said.

“Who yelled out for help?” Serino asked.

“I did. And he tried to smother my mouth and my nose. When he did that I tried to slide out and squirm and I realized my shirt came up and I felt him slide his hand toward my right side, and he said ‘you’re gonna die, (expletive),'” Zimmerman said.

Serino: “So he was going for your gun?”

“Yes sir.”

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