Sure thing. Conservatives say “jump” and ever eager to please, the Supreme Court justices ask, “How high? And would you like your massage before or after your foot rub?”

Or not:

Ellison made that remark at the progressive Take Back the American Dream event this morning. Apparently “cuckoo pants required” is the conference dress code.


After saying that the overturn of the individual mandate would create an opportunity for progressives to push a single-payer health care system, Ellison told the audience:

“The right is going to try to beleaguer the left by saying, ‘See, you were unconstitutional and we were right all along,’” Ellison predicted. “And you cannot accept that nonsense. You gotta understand that this is the Supreme Court of Citizens United, Bush vs. Gore, and now this thing. And it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the right wing. We can’t look at what they do as necessarily the truth or any fair rendering. So let’s be ready to take maximum opportunity no matter what happens.”