Former RNC chair Michael Steele and Democratic strategist Lanny Davis have joined forces to form a bipartisan consulting and lobbying firm: Purple Nation Solutions.

Kinda like a No Labels/Americans Elect hybrid, but with paychecks (they hope).

Now they are joining forces—politically and in business—to urge their parties to tone down the negativity and personal attacks.

“We’re not saying ‘Kumbaya,’” Steele tells me. “We’re not saying, can we all hold hands and sit around the campfire.” But he insists that “people have grown tired” of the daily demonization. “It’s boring. It’s not entertaining any more.”

They’re not saying you should “hold hands” with your opponents, they just think was a really spiffy idea. No word on whether or not they launched the firm from the Newt-Nancy couch.

For some reason we have a “Patty Duke” theme earworm:

They’re cousins,
Identical cousins all the way.
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day.

Wacky bipartisan antics to follow! We’re hoping for guest appearances by Sandra Fluke and Meggie Mac.

The mockery began shortly after Howard Kurtz tweeted the link to his Daily Beast column about the new venture.

We really hope not!