First, Newark Mayor Cory Booker called Barack Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital “crap.” Then he mocked Nanny Bloomberg’s ban on large sodas.

Now he’s pushing back against unhinged Twitter attacks on Mitt Romney.

The Left’s beacons of civility have lashed out at conservatives with language like “mashed-up bag of meat,” ”asshole,” and “brainwashed bible thumper.” Mayor Booker, by contrast, shows it is possible to disagree with conservatives without demonizing them.

Conservatives praised the mayor’s tweets and invited him to “come into the light.”

The vitriolic Left responded by defending incivility and bashing Booker and Mormonism.

Mayor Booker didn’t address his liberal trolls. Instead, he explained his objections to Romney’s policy positions.

Okay, so Mayor Booker isn’t quite ready to come into the light. But kudos to the mayor for speaking out against the demonization of political opponents.