Some people are like fine wine and get better with age. David Axelrod is more like a tallboy gone flat. It’s awfully hard for Obama to “Win the Future” when Axelrod was doling out far better advice in the past. His younger self had a little more mustache and a lot more strategic sense.

Here’s a quote from what John Nolte calls “a fascinating piece of video from 1994 where we get to hear chief Obama strategist David Axelrod criticize 2012’s David Axelrod’s reelection strategy.”

One of the interesting things about this is that as you cite these statistics that say the economy is improving, you almost do political damage to yourself. If you stand up and claim great progress, you’re only frustrating this alienated middle class more.

So, has Axelrod “evolved” on this strategy? Or is he counseling Obama to do political damage to himself?

If only Obama could pop back to 1994 and get some sound advice from, er, “David Axelron.” Then, much like our economy, he’d be “doing fine.”

Oh well, guess Obama will just have to stick with the Axelrod he has. And we’re okay with that.

Enjoy your Wednesday, Mr. Axelrod!