What are Democrats made of? Why sugar and spice and everything nice! Just pull the lever for them on Election Day and poof! Empty bellies are a thing of the past. You don’t mind selling your vote to the Party of Awesome, do you?

But Republicans? According to renowned political philosopher Alec Baldwin, they’re “thoughtless little pigs” (y’know, like his daughter).

Crap, how did Baldwin catch on to the Republican plan to entice voters to stay home with promises of tasty, belly-filling treats?

Libertarians are even worse.

Baldwin, of course, is a longtime Democrat donor who has hinted he’d like to run for New York City mayor. And since he’s a Democrat, he’s totally willing to feed the hungry. But only if they vote for Democrats, natch.

So, Democrats will feed the hungry if they vote the right way? Who knew the safety net had a political litmus test?

You know the old Democrat saying: Give a voter a fish, he’ll vote as he’s told. Teach a voter to fish, you might lose his vote to the Right.

The Twitterverse schooled Baldwin on his absurd political stereotypes.


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