Shockah! The King of Insult Humor said something insulting at the the American Film Institute’s tribute to Shirley MacLaine.

“I shouldn’t make fun of the blacks,” Rickles said, and then proceeded to do just that: “President Obama is a personal friend of mine. He was over to the house yesterday, but the mop broke.”

Uh, yeah. Isn’t that kinda his thing?

The Huffington Post asks:

Did Rickles’ joke at the AFI event go too far, or was it simply a relic of a less politically-correct time in racial history?

Of course it went too far. Going too far is Rickles’ whole shtick.

Let’s see The Huffington Post muster up the same outrage over Obama donor Bill Maher’s dead serious misogyny.

Oddly, there’s no mention of Rickles’ political views in the HuffPo article. Will liberal heads explode when they realize Don Rickles is a lifelong Democrat?

Jim Treacher sums up the breathless cries of “RAAAAACIST!”

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks of Don Rickles’ comedy.