Reporter Adam Nagourney published a fawning, kissy-faced love letter to John McCain’s backstabbing former campaign adviser Steve Schmidt in today’s New York Times. The simpering profile is titled “A Career Resurrected After McCain and Palin.”

Indeed. But it’s not just Nagourney gazing dreamily at Schmidt. The drool buckets runneth over when a GOP strategist is willing to slime and smear his fellow Republicans:

After paying his dues to the Palin bashers, Schmidt finally achieved his goal: a standing invitation to stand smugly with his pinky out while sipping drinks at liberal establishment cocktail parties.

Here’s a reminder from John Podhoretz about Schmidt’s lack of integrity:

Yes, if ever you wanted circumstantial evidence that the sources within the McCain campaign who spent October 2008 dumping on Palin anonymously might have included Wallace and Schmidt, you need look no further than HBO’s Game Change. The movie presents a moral case for the disreputable conduct of aides who, we can presume, fearlessly drop dirty dimes anonymously to save their own standing in the liberal culture from which they desperately wish not to be excluded.

Schmidt might know the not-so-secret liberal handshake now, but he’s reduced himself to a punchline in conservative circles.