The Obama campaign debuted its first national ad of the election season during the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. The ad featured perennial youth favorite Sarah Jessica Parker pimping a dinner at her house with “that guy.”

Hip with the kids? Attaboy! All the kids think that Sarah lady is the cat’s pajamas. Or maybe the bee’s knees. Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days, daddy-o?

But the 2010 winner of the Razzie for Worst Actress tried hard to connect with the youth. She even called the preezy of the United Steezy “that guy.” It’s not slow jamming the news, but that’s hip, right? Right?

More reaction to Obama’s youth outreach:

Celebrity news site Zap2it suggested the ad was a top contender for most awkward moment of the evening:

Awkward? Kids today! Get off Sarah Jessica Parker’s lawn!