Ready for a blue-on-blue smackdown?

The Daily Caller reports on the near Chicago-style cat fight:

In Daniel Klaidman’s “Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency,” excerpts of which were obtained by Politico’s Mike Allen, Klaidman tells of a heated exchange between the two that almost turned physical in the West Wing.

Klaidman writes that Axelrod, then Obama’s senior adviser, was “incensed” because he had heard that “Holder and his aides were spreading the word that he was trying to improperly influence the Justice Department.”

Axelrod denies any “impropriety.”

But are Axelrod and Holder caught up in an egg-faced exposé or is this a leaked story designed to contrast the pristine ethics of the Obama White House with the eeeeevil corruption of the Bush administration?

Sure, they almost went at it in a wheezing West Wing slap-fight, but the picture painted by excerpts from Klaidman’s “Kill or Capture” is that it was all about honor.

“’Don’t ever, ever accuse me of trying to interfere with the operations of the Justice Department,’ he warned Holder after confronting him in the hallway,” according to Klaidman’s account.

“’I’m not Karl Rove,’ Axelrod added, referring to George Bush’s political consigliere, who had been accused of pressuring Justice to fire politically unpopular US attorneys.”

Most honorable White House evah!

Little people, why can’t we all just … get along?