AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka has been known to blast Obama for ignoring the plight of the 99 percent. But is the frequent White House visitor actually slamming the president for the country’s worsening economic situation? After endorsing him?

Nah. It would have been fun, but no dice.

The tweets he sent out this morning were selected quotes from a longer statement that blamed, yeah, you guessed it, the GOP:

May’s employment report shows the economy continues to confront strong headwinds. The addition of a mere 65,000 jobs last month and a small uptick in the unemployment rate is alarming and unacceptable.

Most frustrating is the fact that it is not the means for recovery that lack, but rather the will. For purely political and cynical reasons, Republicans in Congress have blocked President Obama’s efforts to maintain momentum for growth, whether it’s the American Jobs Act or routine highway infrastructure investments. Moreover, under the leadership of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and John Boehner, Republicans are also looking to cut back on policies that provide relief for the millions of working families worrying about how to pay the bills and how to make ends meet.

There’s the Big Labor/Obama Administration love affair we’ve come to know.

Trumka’s full statement is available at Talking Points Memo.