The King of Unfulfilled Promises thinks he has a brilliant new strategy for attacking Mitt Romney’s record: hit him for failing to keep campaign promises.

We’ll pause a moment for your giggle fit.

For a guy who spends so much time gazing adoringly at his own image, Obama sure has a helluva time truly seeing himself. Apparently, his eyes work a lot like the fun house mirror angle some women use to produce flattering Twitter avatars. (No, we’re not naming names.)

When you’re Barack Obama, self-awareness is hard.

Jim Geraghty offers an honest new slogan to replace “hope”: OPUD, or over-promise, under-deliver.

Conservatives are using the hashtag #OverPromised to highlight just how many ways the Over-Promiser in Chief has under-delivered:

But boy oh boy, that Mitt Romney sure is awful at keeping promises.