For those not familiar with Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson, he was once an anti-jihad blogger who returned to the progressive fold a few years ago. Since then, he’s spent his days in a series of giant green meltdowns about fascist wingnut haters.

So what did those nasty right-wingers do this time? Death threats? Hate speech? Maybe tweet someone’s home address?

No, it’s even worse in Johnson’s eyes.

Conservatives dared to mock the president using the hashtag #DescribeObamainthreewords and for that they must be silenced by the spam-block lynch mob. Dissent will not be tolerated. We imagine Johnson also didn’t care for other kids playing in the sandbox when he wanted it all to himself.

For a guy who loves to toss around the word “fascist,” Johnson sure seems to get off on not-so-subtle calls to suppress conservative speech.

While telling his followers that conservatives deserve to be suspended from Twitter for merely participating in the public forum, Johnson also pretends that no such suspensions are happening:

@Lizardoid logic: there’s no campaign to suspend conservatives, but all you right-wing nut jobs getting suspended are totally asking for it.

A month ago, Johnson characterized conservative free speech on Twitter as “spam,” hinting that followers should block and report conservatives.

Since then, he’s flip-flopped between #TwitterGulag promoter and #TwitterGulag truther.

So which one is it? Either the suspensions are happening and he’s tickled pink or conservatives are tilting at the spam-block windmill. His likely answer? “Shaddup, wingnuts! Get off my narrative!”

Ultimately, there’s only one outcome that will make Charles Johnson happy: