Twitchy reported Thursday that the White House announced a Twitter chat without bothering to mention President Obama would be answering questions. Obama showed up to type out prepared answers to questions cherry-picked from #whchat tweets sent hours before his involvement was announced. It was a photo op:

The White House fears spontaneous engagement with citizens who won’t purr softly while tongue-bathing The One. Why should Obama, man of the people, have to interact with mean ol’ conservative citizens? Obviously that’s above his pay grade.

So how did National Journal report this deception?

In an article titled “Obama Campaign Gets Wise to GOP Twitter Tricks,” Alexandra Jaffe praises the “White House’s craftiness” and characterizes conservative participation in White House hashtags as “abuses.”

This is how conservative domination of Twitter is reported by the lapdog media.

Jim Treacher caught this story yesterday and hit the liberal nail on its humorless head:

So there you have it. Free speech is an “abuse,” and declaring an open forum that really isn’t — AKA lying — is “craftiness.” Take that, wingnuts!

Lefties are growing to hate Twitter because it exposes their lies faster than they can come up with new ones. And because it opens them up to the one thing they hate more than anything else: mockery.


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