Nice. More of the classy open-minded tolerance reserved for gay conservatives like Tammy Bruce who don’t march in formation with the liberal troops.

Just breathing while conservative and gay draws that kind of filth on a regular basis. But here’s what inspired it this time:

More of the “No H8,” new tone-y goodness in response to Bruce’s tweet:

Tweets like that are a-okay because Bruce finally validated everything progressives have ever said about Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, and those traitorous gay conservatives who sell themselves out in exchange for a hate-funded paycheck.

Only she didn’t.

Media Matters and AMERICAblog picked up the “story” and ran with it, prompting Bruce to respond on her blog.

First, the “I’ve been told…” you can add “by a friend of mine.” Bwahaha! I think that bursts a few liberal bubbles out there. With only 140 characters, one is so limited! (Can I collect your Fox Hating Tears of Sadness for my coffee? I love the bittersweet taste of them).

I do have a few suggestions for everyone on the left, including to more than a few of The Gheys, slobbering at the bit over this—look up the meaning of “Irony,” “Sarcasm,” and “Absurdity.”

Fox Hating Tears of Sadness? Nom nom nom.

Read the whole thing.

Tammy Bruce is a longtime Fox News contributor and “the first openly gay person as a political contributor/commentator” on cable or network television. As she writes, she is “not known for being a doormat.”

But that doesn’t advance the narrative about the vile, hateful homophobes at Faux News so liberals latched on to something they thought might keep the false narrative alive. And once again, they made fools of themselves in the process. “Bwahaha” is right.

H/T johnny dollar’s place